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In defence of stability

Dec 19,2022 - Last updated at Dec 19,2022

In the span of a few days, Jordan’s security forces have dealt firmly with threats to the Kingdom’s stability that constitutes the bedrock of the state. 

On Monday, three police officers sacrificed their lives in the line of duty while conducting an operation to bring the killer of Col. Abdulrazzaq Al Dalabeeh, who was murdered in the southern governorate of Maan on Friday, to justice. 

A few extremists who embrace the radical takfiri ideology are vying to exploit peaceful and legally protected expressions of opinion in order to promote their own agenda and to de-stabilise the nation. 

In times of economic struggle, instead of working to bring the country together towards joint solutions, such individuals find the only window available to their pursuit to undermine the Kingdom’s long-protected and cherished stability. 

As history has shown, Jordanians of all walks of life continue to uphold the principles most dear to the nation by uniting in support behind the country’s leadership and security forces. 

The country is in mourning today. Yet, the selfless efforts of security personnel and the sacrifice of the fallen were not made in vain. The Jordanian social fabric, as it has time and again, proves a resilient shield against destructive ideologies that attempt to infect Jordanian society. 

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