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By Editorial - Oct 14,2023
Israel’s extensive attacks on Gaza are appalling. An immediate halt to the indiscriminate attacks and the cessation of random bloodshed must be urgently pursued.
By Editorial - Oct 10,2023
With the outbreak of an unprecedented war between Israel and the Palestinians, Arab, regional and international partners are urged to step up communications to halt the dangerous escalation between the two sides.The situation between the Palestinians and the Israelis has been ste
By Editorial - Jun 01,2023
From households to bustling streets, Jordanians are celebrating the historic wedding of HRH Crown Prince Hussein and HRH Princess Rajwa united as a tight-knit family.With inclusivity at its heart, the ceremony and accompanying celebrations have cultivated a sense of national belo
By Editorial - May 26,2023
Jordanians on Thursday marked the nation’s 77th Independence Day with enormous patriotic zeal and enthusiasm, celebrating the Kingdom’s feats and taking pride in the perseverance and steadfastness that serve as the hallmarks of the nation’s journey. Nearly some eight decades
By Editorial - Feb 09,2023
As stories of survival and heartbreak emerge after the massive earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria, rescuers are searching for signs of life through the mountains of rubble and debris — a catastrophe, the level of destruction of which cannot yet be fathomed.Upon the directive
By Editorial - Dec 19,2022
In the span of a few days, Jordan’s security forces have dealt firmly with threats to the Kingdom’s stability that constitutes the bedrock of the state. On Monday, three police officers sacrificed their lives in the line of duty while conducting an operation to bring the kil
By Editorial - Dec 17,2022
The nation is still coming to terms with the news of the killing of a senior police officer on Friday.Col.
By Editorial - Dec 13,2022
Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh’s two-day working visit to Riyadh brought fresh vigour into Jordanian-Saudi ties. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud received the prime minister on Tuesday, where Khaswaneh, leading a ministerial delegation, affirmed
By Editorial - Sep 10,2022
The passing of Queen Elizabeth, the longest-serving British monarch, draws the curtain to an era for Britain, the Commonwealth and the wider world. The 96-year-old monarch’s seven-decade reign saw Britain and the world through a span of changes, and carried out public duties
By Editorial - May 24,2022
Today Jordan celebrates its 76th Independence Day, which is a time Jordanians look back at the history of their country since its founding as the emirate of Transjordan in 1921, with pride and hope for a better future.It’s an occasion to commemorate the nation’s perseverance, as



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