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Heeding call of duty, over 400 Jordanian doctors stand ready to attend to Gaza brethren 

By Rayya Al Muheisen - Oct 16,2023 - Last updated at Oct 16,2023

A medic reacts outside Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City as injured people arrive following Israeli bombardment on Sunday (AFP photo Dawood Nemer)

AMMAN — Over 400 doctors from all across the country have volunteered to assist in Gaza and provide help to the medical staff in the besieged enclave as part of their responsibility to their Palestinian brethren, according to officials. 

Muthaffar Jalamdeh, an official at the Jordan Medical Association (JMA), told The Jordan Times that a total of 400 doctors, including general practitioners and medical residents, have volunteered to go and assist in Gaza to provide much-needed support and medical care to the people of Gaza during this challenging time.

The professional unions have recently launched a financial and support campaign in solidarity with the Gaza Strip, which has been subjected to brutal air strikes by the Israeli military, resulting in war crimes that have claimed the lives of thousands and injured thousands more. 

The Israeli assaults on Gaza led to the destruction of the Gaza Strip’s infrastructure, healthcare facilities, and services, depriving its people of clean water, food, medical supplies, fuel and causing displacement and power outages.

The Jordan Medical Association (JMA) announced the opening of a cash donation fund to secure the purchase of emergency medical equipment and supplies for the relief of Gazans. Several medical associations have also provided financial support in this context.

Ziad Zu’bi, the JMA president, told The Jordan Times that 200 specialised doctors have volunteered to go to Gaza. 

“The JMA is in contact with the Arab Medical Union, the Palestinian Red Crescent, and the Red Cross, as well as relevant organisations, to determine the needs of healthcare facilities in the Gaza Strip during this crisis,” Zu’bi added. 

He also stated that the union has requested specialised surgeons and anesthesiologists to join a team of specialised doctors to go to the Gaza Strip, as long as a route is secured.

Zu’bi emphasised that the doctors have committed to fulfilling their humanitarian duties even if it means working under the occupation’s bombardment. He considered aiding the people of Gaza a collective responsibility.

A source at the Hashemite Charity Organisation told The Jordan Times that they are continuing to accept donations for the relief efforts in Gaza. The source emphasised that medical aid is still stored at El Arish Airport, and the Jordanian aid has not been delivered to its destination yet. 


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