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Adli Kandah
By Adli Kandah - Oct 31,2023
The history of oil has witnessed periods of conflict and competition, with the world's insatiable thirst for this vital resource driving global growth over the years.
By Adli Kandah - Oct 24,2023
No one can ignore the devastating impact that wars have on the world's ability to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals agreed upon in Paris in 2015.
By Adli Kandah - Oct 01,2023
Early retirement has become an increasingly important topic in Jordan and many other countries due to changes in demographic composition, economic pressures, and evolving labour market dynamics.Early retirement refers to individuals leaving the workforce before reaching the offic
By Adli Kandah - Sep 24,2023
Data from the General Statistics Department for July 2023 indicates an increase in the inflation rate by 0.92 per cent (less than one percentage point) compared to the same month in 2022.
By Adli Kandah - Sep 18,2023
The Jordanian economy confronts grave and intricate challenges, epitomised by soaring indebtedness and alarming unemployment rates. This necessitates urgent and audacious actions to tackle these interlinked crises.
By Adli Kandah - Sep 10,2023
The Group of Twenty, commonly known as the G20, was established in 1999 in response to the Asian financial crisis of 1997-1998. There was a need for a platform that could promote international economic cooperation and stability.
By Adli Kandah - Sep 06,2023
Countries turn to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) when they face economic challenges, including balance of payments difficulties, financial pressures, or the need for financial support to address crises or finance development projects.
By Adli Kandah - Aug 28,2023
"Expanded BRICS" or E-BRICS is the new name for the BRICS coalition proposed by the article's author to replace the current name "BRICS”, which originally stood for the first letters of the founding countries' names.
By Adli Kandah - Aug 15,2023
Macroeconomic indicators are key to understanding and evaluating the performance of the national economy. These indicators reflect changes in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), unemployment rates, investment levels, and other aspects of economic performance.
By Adli Kandah - Aug 12,2023
The recent seminar, titled "Insights to Empower Investment and Growth," hosted by the Jordanian Economic Forum, offered a valuable platform to delve into the nuances of Jordan's investment landscape.



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